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Hi, I’m Jen, the credit card processing lady.

I started High Desert Merchant Services because I like helping people, I take great pride in helping local businesses get a fair deal on an essential service. I am also a mom. In exchange for helping others, this business allows me to earn an income and be there for my kids full time.

Most of my adult life has been spent in hospitality, serving others in one capacity or another. I love people, food, wine, and service so it made sense. A career in hospitality inevitably means working nights. As my children became school aged, it became clear I would need to change my profession or risk never seeing them.

I searched far and wide for a job I could work during the day, earn the income I need, and still be a mom around their complicated schedules. There wasn’t one. So, I decided to create one.

People ask me all the time, “why did you choose to start a business in merchant services?”

Years ago, helping a friend open a salon, I assisted with the merchant services set up, it was hell. I learned that there were no regulations, the rates are determined by the sales person and can fluctuate greatly, and it is all very confusing. Even the banks are in on it, they are the most expensive!

Today I see myself as a merchant services vigilante. Nothing pleases me more than analyzing a potential new clients current merchant services statement and finding unnecessary charges, fees, or inflated rates and fixing it! My greatest victory so far was reducing a small restaurants merchant services bill by 2.29%, nearly $1000 per month, every month!  

I hope we can help each other.


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