Credit & Debit Card Processing

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Every Business needs the ability to accept credit and debit cards, but did you know not everyone pays the same fees? The agent you sign up with has full discretion over your rates, not the company you sign with. Speaking of Companies, those who offer flat rate programs like Square and Toast are the most expensive, beware.

As a Broker, I am partnered with a few very good processing companies. In addition to access to low rates, they also offer various programs such as “zero fee” programs, POS integrations, and in many cases free equipment. Most importantly, the ones I work with provide A+ 24/7/365 US based customer support.

CC/debit card processing is a commodity. I have helped dozens of Businesses reduce their credit card processing fees by thousands of dollars a month and would love the chance to do that for you.

Knowledge is key. Have you ever read a processing statement? Could you tell if there were extra fees added? As a value add, I offer oversight and make sure you are being billed only what you should be.

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Statement analysis. Here I review your current cc processing statement, identify the parts that are negotiable and share if there is room to save and by how much. And I point out any “trick fees” – fees that don’t serve any purpose other than making someone you don’t know money.

Click here if you would like to have your statement analyzed, it’s free and very informative.