Gourmet Burger Shop

Jacqui- Owner

Gourmet Burger Shop – Gig Harbor, WA

“We stumbled across Jen in a Facebook group. There are many beings in it who offer the same services, but their approach is so typical- they make it known that they’re there to sell you something.

What I noticed about Jen was that she seemed eager to help, not relay the same old pitch line repeatedly. We were desperate for a change, and I reached out to her personally. She responded as a real person who wanted to understand our situation and get us the best results. She’s great!

Everything has been easy, she has been so understanding that we are not only business owners, but parents to three busy kids. She is patient, professional and still shows up as a person- not her “Representative Self”. Which is deeply appreciated.

She got us set up with an awesome POS system/company, got our cc fees to a better place (reduced) and checks in with us to make sure things are well. We are so thankful for her assistance and service(s)! We highly recommend!”